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Posted on: April 8th, 2008 by afoxsiteadmin

I wanted to take a moment and review a new website that has HUGE potential. Listomi is a start-up that has taken user generated content to a new level. The ambitious title: “Cataloging the Universe“, is exactly what this website is about. Think of a Wikipedia for lists. Lists of EVERYTHING!

It’s amazing how beneficial this website has and will become. I didn’t realize how valuable having a central repository for lists of everything could be. There are very few websites who are ambitious enough to take on such a task. Out of the very few that have tried none are growing as rapidly as Listomi.

Currently Listomi offers the following features:

  • Free accounts to anyone who wishes to contribute
  • Create an infinite amount of lists
  • Modify existing lists that you’ve created
  • Stats for each list on Listomi (Records, Views, Creator, etc)
  • Browse by list or categories
  • Search all lists and categories
  • “Share this list with a friend” feature
  • Bookmark and Share popular lists via Digg, Technorati,, and others
  • Contact any creator of a list for questions or revisions simply
  • Much more

The Listomi developers are always adding new features and respond to any inquiries very quickly. If you have questions or suggestions or would simply like to extend your appreciation for this new services feel free to drop them a line and let them know.

I encourage everyone to sign up and participate as this is a great service that needs everyone’s help to grow. It’s a great idea that’s worthy of the little bit of time it takes to contribute.

Here’s some screenshots of Listomi’s sleek Web 2.0 interface.

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