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Google Dark – Is Finally Back

Posted on: January 3rd, 2010 by afoxsiteadmin a Google Custom Search Engine is a dark (black) version of Google which delivers all of the results of Google with a dark look and feel.

The site was up for a couple of years with a fairly large following but I experience unexpected data loss around October and this is one of my sites that was affected by it. I’ve finally got an older version up and running and will be getting it back up to it’s former glory as soon as I am able.

For now the basic functionality is there. It performs Google queries and returns the results just as Google does only it’s dark instead of white.

More updates to come as time permits. Apologies to all the fans of Google Dark. I was also upset by the loss of this site and am happy to at least have some semblance of it’s former workings back.

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