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Get Free Inbound Links Using Your Blog Feed

Posted on: February 20th, 2010 by afoxsiteadmin

The Estetica Graphic Design and Web Design Forum which opened at the start of 2008 is offering Graphic Design and Web Design blogs to add their live RSS feeds to the Graphic Design Blog section. This means when you post on your blog it automatically posts it as a forum post with a link back to your blog meaning if the post is interesting enough, traffic will be driven towards your blog.

To add your Feed, sign up at the forum and use the contact form to tell the admin team why you feel your blog would be of interest to the readers. This is a great way to boost readers on your blog and also be part of a growing Graphic Design & Web Design Community.

As well as the forum the team have also launched a Social Bookmarking and Voting system for Designers using Pligg called Graphic Design Links.

This also has the ability to add your RSS feeds from your blog to automatically add your blog post link to the sections for people to comment and vote on and is also a free link back to your blog. To add your feed here contact the forum admin as above.

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