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dark… A Dark Themed Google Search

Posted on: June 19th, 2007 by afoxsiteadmin

I was staring at the other as I often do and was actually getting a headache. I work in front of the computer and doing internet related tasks 99.999% of the day I spend a lot of time on our favorite search engine

I decided to put together a Google Search which is not so bright. In fact it is black. Very dark and easy on the eyes. Also doing some research on the internet, Digg (great place for research of this sort), and a lot of blog posts, I’d found a few solutions. None of which were really what I was looking for. There is a great Firefox add on that allows you to change the theme of popular pages like Google, Digg, You Tube, etc. But it wasn’t black. The ones I found that were black weren’t clean. So I built one.

Introducing – dark.

Feel free to use it, its free, doesn’t hurt anyone and returns the same results as Google, as it’s powered by Google. It’s my new home page. Very dark, very clean :) I’m happy.

Now on to something else.

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